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Get financially fit and enjoy your life. Simplify your finances and never miss a bill again. We pay your bills on your behalf accurately and on time.

Our web and mobile apps enable you and your loved ones to effortlessly scan, upload, track and store your bills, as well as monitor payment activity, anytime, anywhere. 

Get financially fit and enjoy your life

Trust & Safety

Gain financial peace of mind.  We ensure your bills and payments are safe. We will also work together with you to understand your financial goals every step of the way and help you find the resources you need to achieve financial wellness.

Every member of our senior and advisory team has over 20 years experience across financial services, technology, legal, regulatory, compliance and data privacy. 

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Security & Fraud Protection

Let us be your second set of eyes and keep your nest egg secure. No more missed payments, no more duplicate payments, no more inaccurate payments. 

Our state of the art technology and highly-trained customer experience team authenticate each and every bill. If there is ever a discrepancy, we will contact you right away.  

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Your Personal Bill Payment Manager
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Jennifer is an entrepreneur, innovator and business builder with 20 years of combined banking and consumer expertise across Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan Chase and FIJI Water. Jennifer holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Finance and Information Systems from NYU Stern, summa cum laude. She is also  the Ambassador of the Aging2.0 Westchester Chapter and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Metro NY.

Jennifer Lammer

Boris Koenig

Markus Lammer



Senior Advisor

Boris is an IT and marketing entrepreneur and leader with 20+ years global experience, specializing in software development, customer relationship management and data protection.  Boris is currently the Head of Marketing and Digital & Customer Engagement Officer at Pipelife and was formerly the Head of IT at Pankl Racing.  He studied at Graz University and Danube University Krems in Austria.

Markus is the Chief Operating Officer of the Financial Institutions, Ultra High Net Worth, and Oil & Gas Groups for Credit Suisse, based out of NY. Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Credit Suisse Germany and Central Europe. Markus is a strategic and operational expert with 25+ years financial services experience, with particular expertise in legal, regulatory, compliance and IT. He received his LLM from Yale University as a Fulbright Scholar and is admitted to the NY Bar. 


We will email you an enrollment form. Please complete, sign and return it, along with the relevant documents and bills you want us to manage. 

Stay informed and review your bills, payment activity and consolidated monthly statements from wherever you are via our web and mobile apps.  

Our work for you begins! We will contact your suppliers, receive future bills, monitor for issues and ensure that they are paid accurately and on time.  




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Simplify your finances and never miss a bill again

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Get financially fit and enjoy your life

Simplify your finances and never miss a bill again

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